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The Truth about Hiring House Painters

Before you pick up a paint brush, consider hiring a professional. 

Most will agree, using a professional painting contractor takes the stress out of painting your home. But with the increasing popularity of DIY shows, many are led to believe that the cost savings associated with labor outweigh the benefits of hiring a professional. And, often times, with the power of video editing and a large studio budget, many are fooled into believing that the process is quick and easy.


However, in reality, many have learned that taking on a new trade is difficult, labor intensive and time consuming. Truth be told, during an estimate, many will confide and tell us that the process wasn’t very easy at all and the outcome was less appealing than originally thought out. And after learning the cost associated with fixing a DIY project gone bad, it would have been less expensive to hire a professional from the very beginning.


We understand finding the right painting company is as important as choosing the perfect color. So, before you attempt to do-it-yourself, consider using the professional painters at Builder Boy. Work with our interior designers and paint pros to help you pick out the right color for your home or business and have it applied correctly the first time.


At Builder Boy, we have been painting residential and commercial properties from the inside and out since 1994. From our original beginning as Paint Boy in Long Beach, we have grown over the years to also include painting services for industrial and agricultural applications, and expanding our reach into Los Angeles and Orange County, CA.


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Exterior House Painting

Painting your home a new color adds curb appeal. 

There's nothing like a fresh paint job to punch up a house's curb appeal. And hiring a professional painting contractor to do the job is the best way to get the best results - saving you time and money. Whether your house is wood-frame, shingle, stucco or brick, you will get the knowledge and know-how from our seasoned expert painters. 


At Builder Boy, we take pride in painting each home by working directly with several paint manufactures to determine which paint is best for your home and apply it according to the factory's recommendations. Every home is power washed, properly prepped, patched, and primed in preparation for the top coat. Additionally, we also practice safe measures including protection of your belongings and the surrounding area of the project. All personal belongings are carefully moved or masked for your protection and the protection of others. To schedule a free detailed estimate, click on the link below.


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We're More Than Just a Paint Contractor

Take a look at what else we can do!

Although a majority of our business has come from client referrals. Many don’t expect for a painting company to do more than just paint a home. At Builder Boy, we go beyond paint. We also offer:
Decorative Painting
Faux Finishes – We specialize in several different faux finish techniques that include stiff brushing, ragging, and bag, to the more difficult time consuming faux finishes that can add so much to your home or office building.
Antico - For a lover of antiques, painting your walls in an Antico finish is a perfect fit. Inspired by Italian interior finishes, Antico’s four metallic textured effects lend an ageless quality to any room.
Sponge Texture – We can give your walls an aged look by using a sponge to give your wall paint an uneven, textured look that resembles fine art and ceramics. To achieve this look, we mix one-part glaze with one-part paint and one-part particle mixture.
Murals - Showcasing a custom mural in your home makes a strong creative statement that reflects your taste and style. Whether whimsical, modern, scenic, or abstract, a professional artist can transform a mundane wall into a work of art. The location, size and type of surface for your mural will contribute to its price, as will the nature and complexity of the subject and the medium and techniques used to create it.
You Can Leave This For Us Too!
Crown Molding – We can install crown molding to your existing walls creating a more polished appearance that complements your existing design elements.
Drywall -We proudly offer drywall services, from small patches to adding new walls to your home or office building.
Water and Fire Damage Repair - Let us help you navigate through your Xactimate scope for a better understanding of what is covered and the best method of repairs. We will contain, remove, and restore your property to its pre-loss condition without any hassle to you.
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The Benefits of Adding an Interior Designer to the Team

Rethink your project to give you the most return on your investment.

Painting your home, both inside and out, improves its curb appeal, character and resale value. Painting is one of the quickest and easiest ways to give your home a face-lift and it yields some of the most dramatic results as well. If you have ever visited the painting section of your local hardware store, you know how overwhelming the multitude of paint choices can be. In addition to colors, there are finishes, stains, maintenance and other options to consider. Hiring a seasoned painting professional will help you to achieve the style you’re looking for. But adding an interior designer to your project can take your vision to the next level while adding form to function. Our team of experts will work together to plan and execute your concept while saving you money and bringing in the most return for your investment.


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