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At Builder Boy, we understand having the right contractor makes all the difference, which is why we suggest, before making any kind of investment, you consider working with us. We are more than just a kitchen remodeling contractor. In fact, we are a full-service design & build firm that can take your kitchen project from good to great.


While other construction companies only manage your project, we bring creative ideas and innovative solutions to make the most out of your kitchen. We have multiple divisions built into our business model, with experienced personnel to handle every aspect of your job. Most importantly, we are home to some of the best interior designers in the kitchen remodeling industry who specialize in space planning, cabinet design, and project management. To schedule an appointment to meet with an experienced kitchen design specialist, please call us or click on the link below. 


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Kitchen Cabinets

Custom cabinet design, build, & installation. 

Builder Boy is home to some of the best cabinet makers and carpenters in the kitchen industry and can design or build just about any kitchen cabinet, spice rack, pull out shelf or drawer you can imagine. And, because our facilities allow for us to manufacture custom cabinets from our wood shop on our kitchen showroom premises, your cabinets are prepared, built, and housed in our warehouse until they are ready for install; allowing for better time management and direct supervision by your project manager. Don't settle for pre-fabricated cabinets. Instead choose the rugged durability of handmade luxury kitchen cabinets. To learn more about our custom cabinetry and our kitchen cabinet division, please click on the link below. 


Custom Cabinets


Kitchen Flooring

There are so many options for kitchen floors, it’s hard to know what’s best. Builder Boy takes the guesswork out of selecting the best kitchen floors. From hardwood to cork, we can help you choose and install the ideal flooring for your home. We have worked with various materials and have experience in installing hardwood, laminate, slate, and more to create the perfect blend of style and durability.


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Kitchen Backsplash

Kitchen backsplashes no longer simply protect walls from spills and splatters, a wide array of eye-catching materials like glass, wood, metals and stone make the backsplash the focal point of today's kitchens.


Whether your dream kitchen is rustic and cozy or modern and sleek, get expert advice on kitchen backsplashes, including inspirational ideas on styles, color palettes, materials and more to make your cooking space more attractive and less ordinary. Our installers will do the rest.


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Kitchen Countertop

Countertop Installation

The kitchen countertop is the perfect place to add the ultimate design touch to your kitchen. Regardless of which kitchen countertop ideas you’re attracted to, we will help you select materials that are durable and built to withstand the wear and tear associated with cooking and prep. We work with several manufactures to fabricate your kitchen countertop design and install according to the fabricators guidelines. 


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Interior Design Vs. Interior Decorating

Know the difference before you hire a professional. 

The services of a qualified interior designer are crucial in order to create usable spaces for working and living. Contractors and builders depend on these professionals to provide advice on a variety of ergonomic and acoustic issues and to help in the design of lighting and traffic flow patterns that make sense in the specific interior environment.


An interior designer is tasked with creating usable and aesthetically pleasing architectural spaces inside a physical structure. Interior design professionals typically study the behaviors and movements of individuals in the working and living environment to create spaces that are both attractive and functional.


Interior designers may also perform the interior decorating work on the spaces they design, however, on the other hand, an interior decorator, by contrast, does not design the space in which he or she works. Instead, interior decorators focus on the furnishings, wall and floor treatments and artistic touches that provide ambiance and atmosphere to the interior space.


Having an interior designer guide you through the kitchen remodeling process will save you time and money, while maximizing your investment. Our interior designers have proven experience in whole house remodels and a long history in kitchen renovations. They consider every detail of the design. They also consider its function and form, not only aesthetics. They will be able to add a lot of stuff that is far from your imagination. They will consider proper lighting, furnishings, accessories and all the other details of your interior. To see a list of accomplishments and to learn more about our interior design staff, please click on the link below to meet our designers. 


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Kitchen Remodeling Costs

Find out how much you should invest in a kitchen remodel. 

The kitchen is the one room in your home that your family uses more than any other, and it deserves to be just as beautiful as the rest of your home. A minor kitchen remodeling project can completely transform your kitchen and, according to US News, on average, has an 82.7 percent return on investment. But before you make any kind of commitment, as a general rule, we suggest budgeting no more than 25% of the home’s value.


If you have an undersized or outdated kitchen, remodeling is a great investment. A new kitchen provides improved quality of life and if you decide to move, it will likely give you advantage in resale.


According to Home Advisor, on average, homeowners report that a kitchen remodel costs $19,974. A smaller project between $10,000 and $15,000 may include painting walls, refacing cabinets, upgrading the sink, and installing a tile backsplash. A $30,000+ renovation may include installing custom cabinets, hardwood floors, granite counters, and high-end appliances. Most homeowners in the Los Angeles and Orange County area spent between $19,241 and $40,328 in 2015.


We can work with you to develop a plan, including work and payment schedules for your kitchen renovation. To schedule an appointment, please visit


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