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Commercial Business Remodeling Services

Commercial General Contractor

Upgrade the Look & Feel of your Business or Retail Location.

Commercial Building Renovations

We have helped renovate some of the largest buildings in Southern California. For over twenty years, our approach to commercial renovation is through meticulous planning. We want the process to be safe, as stress free as possible and most of all; we want the result to make our clients happy.


The difference in a commercial remodel when compared to a home remodel is the scale and timing. Larger projects may involve multiple stories, special scaffolding, extensive exploration into code enforcement requirements, permitting, land use, zoning and special inspections. This coupled with access to businesses during construction can be tedious and often overwhelming. To help move the process seamlessly, we pride ourselves on efficiency and organization.

Because all our services are under one roof, communication is much faster and more than one crew is always available and ready to work.


Whether you are considering a repair, a face lift, a new configuration, more space or a complete transformation, we are here to provide a complete and comprehensive solution for your needs.


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Restaurant Renovations

A Full Service Restaurant Contractor

Restaurant Remodeling Services

There are a number reasons you may want to renovate your restaurant, and redesigning your establishment can most certainly differentiate you from the competition and attract more clients, benefiting both your business and your customers. Restaurant renovations not only aim to convey the type of cuisine you serve, or set the mood, but should also maximize your space, so you can accommodate more seating and increase traffic flow when entering and exiting the restaurant—while still seamlessly accommodating wait staff.


At Builder Boy, we can help guide you in the right direction by offering you a new layout plan or simply by updating your existing space. 


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Store Front Renovations

Retail Store Construction & Renovation

Tenant Improvements

As leaders in the retail construction industry we have the experience and knowledge needed to execute any architectural layout for your retail store.


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Apartment & Hotel Renovation

Multi-Unit Renovation Contractor

Multi-Family & Multi-Unit Renovations

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