These Halloween Decorations Will Make Your House Look Scary Good

If you're looking for a way to decorate for Halloween without the usual ghouls and gore, check out these ideas! These fun DIY projects are family-friendly and put a new spin on familiar holiday favorites.

Apothecary-Style Candy Jars

Use these jars to hold your Halloween treats or display some spooky tricks in your home


Apothecary jars come in all shapes and sizes, and have a wonderful, vintage look to them. You can find various potion and ingredient labels on to paste on the outside. You can use these jars to hold sweet treats for your household, or fill with decorations such as potpourri, pine cones, fall leaves pumpkins. For a creepy twist, fill the jars with colored hand sanitizer or hair gel and drop in plastic bugs, spiders and skulls.

Gilded and Glitter Pumpkins

Metallic spray paint and colored glitter are easy, mess-free ways to decorate your pumpkins without carving


To prep your pumpkin, soak it upside down in a mixture of ten parts water to one part bleach. Let it sit for 10 minutes before drying it off. This will keep your pumpkin fresh for weeks to come. Polish any part of the pumpkin you plan on leaving natural (no glitter or paint) with petroleum jelly to give it a shiny finish.

To gild your pumpkin, first cover any sections of the pumpkin you want to leave bare with blue painters tape. You can divide the pumpkin in half, coloring only the top or the bottom, or you can use smaller sections of tape to cover alternating sections of the pumpkin for a pinwheel effect. You can even cut the tape into unique shapes like circles or diamonds for a patterned look. Use any color of metallic spray paint to add a shiny pop of color to your gourd. Make sure you work in a well-ventilated area to avoid inhaling any fumes.

To add glitter to your pumpkin, use a small craft brush to apply a clear-drying adhesive, such as mod-podge, in the areas you want covered. Apply glitter as desired and let dry. To keep glitter from flaking off after drying, apply another coat of adhesive to the dried layer of glitter.

Halloween Wreath

This easy wreath tutorial can be used again to decorate your home for Thanksgiving and Christmas with different colors


For this project, you'll need traditional round Christmas ornaments in a variety of colors and finishes. Some popular Halloween color combinations are orange and black; black and red; or orange, green, black and purple.

Cut a thick wire or metal macrame wire into the length desired and string the Christmas ornaments onto the ring. To keep the ornaments from falling off the wire, you can first remove the tops of the ornaments and hot glue them back on for extra strength. Leave a small section of the ring bare so you can tape it closed.

After you've attached all your ornaments, use Gorilla Tape or duct tape to connect the wring. Attach a large ribbon, lettering or decorative item to cover the masking tape and hang on your front door for all your neighbors to envy.

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