DIY Tips: Weatherproofing Your Home

DIY Tips: Weatherproofing Your Home by Joseph Renteria


Common areas where air leaks in/out of your home and suggestions for upgrades to make your home energy efficient.

It rarely rains in Southern California, but when it does it pours. Not only does the rain cause a lot of problems but the weather in general does plenty of harm to your home. A dry climate is often the culprit behind cracks in the walls and pavement while humidity and rain are credited with paint and stucco peeling off the walls. Many of these types of problems can usually be fixed but when ignored can lead to costly repairs.

Now with El Niño contributing to monsoon conditions in the southland and much larger rainfall then we are used to, we expect the rain and humidity to be a much bigger problem for your home in the months to come. The good news is that there is a way to weatherproof your home to keep the rain and humidity out. Although we recommend hiring a professional weatherproofing company like Stucco Boy and Paint Boy for weatherproofing and waterproofing, there are some small things you can do yourself to start the weatherproof process in your home.

To help you get a jumpstart on your list of DIY projects for your home, the professionals at Builder Boy created a list of things to do to properly insulate your home which can lead to savings on your monthly electricity costs.

The first step in weatherproofing your home is to inspect all those areas where cold air and moisture can gain access and cause problems. These areas are:

When inspecting doors, look for light coming through. If light gets through, air and moisture will as well! A very inexpensive way to conserve energy in both the summer and winter months is to install a door sweep. A door sweep is fastened to the bottom of the door and is fitted with a metal and rubber flap that serves to close the gap found at the bottom of most exterior doors. Not only does it reduce airflow, it also serves as protection from water seeping into the home during heavy storms – a ‘must have’ in the winter rainfall regions.

For weatherproofing around draughty windows one can use manufactured rubber strips. These strips have a self-adhesive backing and are affixed around the inside of window frames to ensure that, when closed, windows have no gaps and are effectively airtight. To check for drafts, hold a lit candle close to the window seams. If the flame flickers it is a sure sign of draughty windows. If drafts are coming through from the outside, check to see that caulking or putty is not damaged, and replace where necessary.

Checking your gutters and downspouts should be an annual inspection, but even more important before the arrival of winter in those regions that experience rain during the winter season. Blocked and leaking gutters and downspouts can result in a build-up of water and can result in overflow and seepage into the building structure. Autumn is the ideal time to ensure that your gutters and downspouts are clear of debris.

Ceiling insulation
By adding insulation to your ceiling you will not only ensure a warm home during the winter months, but a cool home in the summer months as well. Ceiling insulation for a highly efficient thermal barrier and retains heat generated within a home during winter. It reduces heat loss by as much as 87%.

In the summer months, the sun beating down on the roof causes indoor temperatures to rise to uncomfortable levels. By adding ceiling insulation you can effectively reduce the heat flow between the outside and inside of your home, keeping it warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

Weatherproofing your home can be one of the most important things you can do to upgrade your home as well as reduce your utility bills and increase comfort in your home. Builder Boy can help. Save time and money by letting one of our professionals inspect your home. Click here for a free estimate or to schedule an appointment. Or call us toll free at 877.391.4648.

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